Sunday, November 3, 2013


Well, we are only a little more than 2 weeks from our goal and a long way from reaching it. If you are interested in the arts, supporting the arts and small business you can help us in several ways:

1. Donate: Donations begin at $1.00 with rewards for donations over $10.00

2. Post the link to the Fundraiser on all your social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc...

Here it is:

3. Spread the word to your e-mail contacts, here is something you could say:


I just wanted to let you know about this fundraiser that is going on and ask for your support either by donating or spreading the word! One post on Facebook reaches thousands! Let's support the Arts!

At the gallery, in addition to promoting the work of artists and artisans in a variety of mediums, we'll be offering classes in beading and other jewelry making techniques for kids & adults; art classes for kids & adults; free demos to the public; live music by small local artists and more!

If you have some ideas that would be useful, please let me know, we are running out of time!!

Also, please check out the link yourself! I am posting updates as they occur!

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