Friday, January 9, 2009

Crocheted Bracelets 30% Off Sale

Have you looked at my crocheted bracelets? These are great gift items because they have no clasp so they roll on and off and fit a wide variety of sizes. Great for moms with little ones, those with poor vision and they are so comfortable you can easily forget you have them and sleep in them.
I have my eye on some new lampwork beads to use for the centers of my crocheted bracelets but I need to justify buying them so I am having a sale on the ones I currently have for sale. Take advantage of me now. These bracelets sell on line in other shops at $35.00 or more. They are available with and without the center bead. Valentine's Day is not that far off and this is a great chance to get your crocheted bracelet at a terrific price! I even have some for men!
Visit me at for your crocheted bracelets!

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