Friday, September 27, 2013

Replacing a Misplaced Bead in your Peyote Stitch Pattern

Have you ever reached the end of your peyote beading and realized that you have a misplaced bead? Perhaps you have broken bead somehow. There is an invisible way to repair or replace beads in Peyote stitched work and I will show you how. Do you notice there is a bead of the wrong color in the piece below? There is a green bead where the pattern calls for a yellow bead. There is a green bead where the pattern calls for a yellow bead. It is right there in the middle toward the bottom. Do you see it? We are going to remove that green bead and replace it with a yellow bead.
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Slide your needle through the bead to be certain you want to remove as shown.
Now, take your pliers and carefully break that bead and remove completely. I usually just poke it through with my needle after I break it.
Now with the bead completely removed weave your way over to the bead just in front of the empty space.
Pick up the correct bead in the pattern, in this case my yellow bead and go through the next 2 beads on the diagonal.
Turn and go through those beads again and the next bead on the diagonal going on the opposite direction form when you added the new bead.
Weave in your end. Now, tell me which bead I replaced!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Odd Count Peyote Demystified

Odd Count Peyote Stitch can seem rather daunting and I have not seen many really clear instructions on how to do that first odd turn, which is row 3. I find photographs easier to read than those silly bead diagrams.
I was beginning my Autumn Chevron so I though I would take some photos of the process, I hope this helps someone out there!
When you are working in Peyote Stitch, you string on the first 2 rows and begin working on the third. As you can see I have string on 25 beads, an odd amount.

Work the next row as you would even count, stopping before you add the last 2 beads. Pick up the next bead in your design (red) and go through the last 2 beads coming out at the end of the row. (The green bead is just my stop bead and not part of the design).

Turn your work...Pick up your last bead (red) and skipping one bead, go through the next bead and the UP bead following it.

Now turn around again and go through the bead sitting next to the one you just came out of.

Go through your last 2 beads again.

Now go through your last bead added (red).

Now you are ready to begin your next row, which will be even count.

The next Blog post will show you a couple of ways to make the turns at the end of the following rows of  odd count. Questions? Shoot me an e-mail at
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