Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates have so many wonderful applications! They great for those people on your shopping list you are not quite sure what to buy. Not only that but suppose you want to buy your mother something really special and you have some others who would like to join in. Each person can send their own Gift Certificate so Mom has more choices! She can choose several pair of earrings, some necklaces and maybe a handcrafted exotic wood cutting board or bowl or even that wonderful Winter Frost necklace. The gift certificates are also great for those last minute "OOPS I forgot someone" gift because they can be sent right away. Because they all go through Paypal everything is instant. They are very easy to use.
Divella Delights has gifts for little ones on your list as well. Do you have a niece or nephew you have not seen for a while? Send their mom or dad the gift certificate and let them get the right size and color.
You can print them out and give them in person or in a card. They are great for those Yankee swaps at the office!
Here are a few things we offer at Divella Delights…stop by and see more! We are always changing!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Knitting Tip

For those of you who knit on double pointed needles and are giving socks or such as gifts here is a tip…
After you have finished your socks or other project put them in a mesh bag and add them to a load of clothes in the dryer. This will close up the gaps left between your needles and reserves the just knit look. Be careful if you have used wool so it does not begin to felt. Just a few monutes will do it.
You can also use the magic loop technique, which leaves smaller gaps! Here is a link to the video!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flapped Flapper Hat

In this new design the classic Flapper Hat meets present day practicality while keeping the timeless feminine appeal from an era long past.
This new fashion forward design is pleasing to the touch, as soft as it is warm. It is made with Lamb’s Pride 100% wool in orange and green with a touch of red on the flower.Come and see at Divella Delights!