Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peyote Vase Fixes

Ok so one step at a time. When I made the error of increasing too fast it left a little hole...I wish I would have taken a photo of that before I attached the flower shown here. I took a small vintage Lucite flower, a genuine pearl and attached it over the hole with a 3-seed bead picot. If you look to the right of the flower there is a spot I don't like so I making a Russian Leaf to put there and actually I will put this leaf in progress and 2 smaller ones for a little grouping to be more aesthetically pleasing.
I have searched for and looked at and purchased a lot of Russian Leaf instructions and have 2 favorites. I need to have instructions that are very clear and detailed. I learn best by doing so the whole reading and applying is not the easiest for me. I found 2 sources that are excellent: Russian Leaf Instructions by Suzanne Cooper available here and this Shanasta Saling's instructions for a Russian Leaf Pendant in the Bead and Button book here:
If you are looking for some good instructions take a look at these and save yourself some money and time.
Back to the vase...So I will put little groupings of flowers and leaves here and there to incorporate it all into the design. Come back and see the progress continue.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Vase Continues

Not much progress has been made for the last couple of days due to my back and hip being out of whack. That will surely change now that my husband bought me a wonderful new drafting chair to work on. When I sat on it I wanted to roll it home! We re- organized my studio so the computer is on a table the same height as my work table so I can get rid of that old metal folding chair and use this new one at the computer as well.
The vase is certainly a challenge for me but lots of fun at the same time. I have learned a lot doing this one and there is a part of me that wants to take it all apart and start over. The fact that I have found these vases fairly cheap may prevent that but the part of me that is OCD says otherwise. I find myself looking around at other items I can bead over so I certain this is an addiction. Think there is a 12 step program for beaders? I may need it soon.
I had someone ask why I did not bead the top, here is why: the vase begins at the smallest part and when I am finished beading down and get the bottom finished I will then go back to the top and finish it up over the lip.
Well, I am going to roll on over to my work table and get to it...more tomorrow!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peyote Stitch Trials

This is a lot of fun, although quite painful. My hip is not well this morning so my mission today is to find a drafting chair or something similar that will give me the height and some good support. This chair is just not good for my back. I have a pain in my shoulder as well which I suspect is due to the chair as well.
The vase is coming along and is quite addictive. I am learning some things about peyote stitch in the process and this is probably a vase I will keep. A couple of hints for anyone who wants to do one of these:
1. Keep your increases several beads away from a step up if you can
2. Never increase near a square bead.
So what I have figured out is that when I see an increase coming I have to plan more carefully.
I also cruised around and found a good price on glass vases...told you it was addictive. I am going to wait until I finish this one, I am a little spooked by the top and bottom.
The bottom I know has to be all the same size beads so I figure about 1/8" from the bottom I will switch to all the same size, probably #8. I am not good at decreases yet but this will surely give me practice! As for the top that should not be that bad...invert the vase and bead down over the lip and decrease a row. Sounds easy, we'll see.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peyote Stitch Beaded Vase Trials

My daughter asked me for one of my free form peyote stitch bracelets in green for her birthday. I wanted to learn how to do leaves anyway so it was a great project. I bought Peyote stitch Beading Projects by Bead and Button to learn the leaves. This was a very good book with detailed instructions that are very, very good. Anyway, it also had a beaded vase project in it also done in free form peyote stitch. the one in the book is stunning done in earthy colors which I love. I do not have a surplus of those colors but long ago I bought a couple of kilos of beads when I was shopping with Fire Mountain for my beads. I have since switched to a local supplier for several reasons. Back to the vase. I had this old glass vase and a bunch of beads that I did not want to use for jewelry as I prefer uniform size which these are not. It would be easier I think to do it in my new beads but I don't buy those by the kilo yet so I don't have enough on hand for the entire project.
The same daughter mentioned above has been after me to do beaded flowers. Perhaps if this turns out well I will try my hand at those next.
Funny how things progress and attitudes change. I swore when I began making jewelry that I would never do the stitch work or work on a I am thinking about the loom and have definitely found a love for the stitch work although it does take a lot of time!
Wish me luck!! Anyone with any tips...tip away!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Morea about Merchants

I have a very small business I run out of my home, which finds me knitting, crocheting and making jewelry into the wee hours. I sell my jewelry to the local jewelry store that also imports all the gold, silver, diamonds you see in ever jewelry store in the country. For over 3 months the only jewelry sold was that which was handcrafted locally. It turns out to be a win-win for everyone involved. So why is it that all those folks, on say for instance Newbury Street in Boston does not buy handmade?
I recently went down there on the suggestion of many friends and the folks who own the jewelry store I spoke of earlier. Everyone seemed to think my goods fit in very nicely down there. What I heard from shop owners stunned me. I will give them one thing in Boston, they are quite honest! They told me and I quote…" We know the quality is not as good but it is cheaper and that is the bottom line" from one shop owner. " Wow, your merchandise is beautifully made but we can get it so much cheaper from China and because it does not last as long they keep spending their money here..." From another What amazes me is that people don’t even expect things to last very long and they would rather have something cheap and buy it 5 times. How did we become such a throw away society?! AND THAT IS OK?! Well folks, I can’t go along with that. I am convinced I will find my niche. I will not lower my standards, it has become my mantra! It would be so easy to pitch it all in, buy cheap materials, not care about the workmanship so I can sell cheap. I say easy but not really so. I want to feel good about what I am doing, the service I am providing. When someone makes a purchase from me I want him or her to be thrilled, not just happy. Furthermore, I want them to pass their treasures down to the next generation. So I keep plodding along with true hope in my heart. Speaking of hope, I know that word lately is like the word ‘love’ over used and abused. But that is another story…

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The NEW Easter Bonnet

Easter Hats
A new design in Easter Bonnet, which is very similar to the cloche, derived from the 1920’s era Flappers. I also have some beanies, caps and bucket hats. I have a few for children and would be happy to make those on special order.
I have designed several different styles for Spring and Summer in 100% Cotton and Cotton blends. Some have mohair or wool embellishments but I have tried to keep them all cotton. Like my winter Flapper Hats, these still need to be hand washed to avoid shrinkage. I like to stuff mine with plastic shopping bags to dry as I can shape them while drying.
You can see them at

Friday, February 13, 2009

Summer Flapper Hats

Summer Flapper Hats are here!
As promised I have come up with a couple of designs for some lovely summer hats. Both designs have an open weave to keep you cool and comfy. There are 2 different price points depending on the materials used. The higher end summer flapper hats use cotton fleece and/or mercanized cotton while the lower price point uses less expensive cotton. Both are lovely.
If you would like a special order in these, I would suggest the higher end as the color choices are much more varied. Also you may have them with or without the flower or motif. I am happy to do special orders in either.
Remember, at Divella Delights you can design your own hat and have me make it so just e-mail me at and I will be happy to work with you to create your own Summer Flapper Hat!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer Crochet Flapper Hats

Summer Crochet Flapper Hats are here!
Made similar to my winter Flapper Hat, these are mode with high quality fibers, but these are cotton and cotton blended with silks and other fibers. I developed a more open weave pattern for the summer along with using lighter weight and cotton fibers. I use 2-3 strands like my winter hats so they have great shaping, are lightweight and cool, not to mention beautiful! I have an order placed for some really exciting yarns in beautiful colors so check often for the new Summer Crochet Flapper Hats!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Huge Gemstone Sale

I am offering 20% on my gemstone necklaces and gemstone necklace sets until midnight February 13th for Valentine's Day. I will be shipping twice daily. Above are a couple of samples of the different styles I have. All my jewelry is handmade by me and are made with genuine gemstones, pearls, sterling and golf filled wire. You will find no plated materials unless specifically noted in the item description.

Starbucks and Local Art

I was in my local Starbucks store today and saw some beautiful handmade pottery for Portugal. While this is very nice, it occurred to me that we should be selling our local artisans if not instead of, at least in addition to art from other countries. In a time when everyone is so concerned about our country’s economy why are we not putting food on the table of those who live down the street but instead supporting those who live thousands of miles away? I am all in favor of supporting our global neighbors but what about the potter who lives next door? Should we not help those closest to us first?
It is not that I have no heart for those suffering many miles from me, it is that I DO have a heart for my suffering neighbors.
Let’s not forget that the USA is the most generous country in the world. Still, we have some of the worst slums and poorest people just blocks from our own White House. Why is that?
The mugs seen above were made by Twisted River Clayworks in Connecticut. They create pottery that is unique and eclectic. They use a potter's wheel, slabs of clay and other creative additions. All of their work is functional and made of stoneware. The glazes are certified food safe and contain no lead. Pots can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven with care. They recommend heating the pot with the oven. Their work can be seen at
Twisted River has taken no part in this article and the ideas are my own and not a reflection of Ron or Char.
To be continued...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Upcoming Donations and Other News

Divella Delights is very happy to have handmade hardwood clocks by David Jacques in our inventory. He takes great care in selecting his materials and in his craftsmanship. They come in full size and minis perfect for your bookcase or dresser.
We are also please to announce a line of Crochet hats by Jessy! They are lighter weight than the ones I make so are very well suited to more temperate climates or for a chilly Springtime evening.
My hats have been discovered by a gallery in Portland, Maine and they have requested my participation in their April show entitled " Wearable Art" to open April 4th. If we do well during the show we will be entering the gallery on a permanent basis. We have also been contacted by an organization in Canada for the hats.
I am planning a line of Spring Hats, a blend of cotton for those cool evenings and perhaps some light scarves as well. I am just now in the design phase so I think around the end of the month I should have something new for you.
I have some new jewelry designs on the board as well, very exciting! We did well with the local fine jewelry store this month and our tabling events.
Be sure and check in often as I do not want to inundate your e-mail with every new design.
March donations will be going to Dogs Deserve. Please visit their website at and bring your tissues!
Thanks so much for your continued support!