Sunday, November 3, 2013


Well, we are only a little more than 2 weeks from our goal and a long way from reaching it. If you are interested in the arts, supporting the arts and small business you can help us in several ways:

1. Donate: Donations begin at $1.00 with rewards for donations over $10.00

2. Post the link to the Fundraiser on all your social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc...

Here it is:

3. Spread the word to your e-mail contacts, here is something you could say:


I just wanted to let you know about this fundraiser that is going on and ask for your support either by donating or spreading the word! One post on Facebook reaches thousands! Let's support the Arts!

At the gallery, in addition to promoting the work of artists and artisans in a variety of mediums, we'll be offering classes in beading and other jewelry making techniques for kids & adults; art classes for kids & adults; free demos to the public; live music by small local artists and more!

If you have some ideas that would be useful, please let me know, we are running out of time!!

Also, please check out the link yourself! I am posting updates as they occur!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Help Needed for the Arts in Vermont

WE need your help! If you cannot help by donating you can still help us by spreading the word!!

We are trying to raise funds on Indiegogo for renovations to an art gallery & gifts/classroom in order to promote the arts in Vermont. Follow the link for all the information, photos, updates, artists and more!

Arabella Gallery and & Gifts is not just another art gallery. Each and every item at the gallery is created with the loving hands of the artist; nothing mass produced or imported will be sold at Arabella. Most of the artwork in the gallery will be locally made. I am looking at paintings, photography, pottery, home d├ęcor, jewelry, fiber goods, hats, bags, and other gifts.

If you are someone who would like to show and/or teach at Arabella, please contact me at with images representing your work, medium, price and complete contact information!

Another important aspect of the gallery will be the classroom where I will offer art classes taught by a variety of experts in their respective medium. I will be teaching a variety of jewelry making techniques both basic and advanced and I will have guest instructors come in and share their knowledge and skills. I will have live music occasionally, poetry readings and a knit night where you are invited to come, relax, bring whatever you are working on and socialize. I will sponsor free demos in a variety of mediums for the community.

Although the classes will be very reasonable I would like to begin a scholarship for those who otherwise could not take classes. If I can surpass my goal, we'll begin have a good start!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Indiegogo Fundraiser for New Gllery!

Indiegogo is where I am trying to raise enough money for the renovations on my new gallery to feature my own work and that of other artists and artisans...won't you help? If you can't donate, please help me by passing the word along! Thanks so much! Have a look and see some of the great artisans who are joining me! You'll be amazed! If you have not yet seen my work you can see it on my website at Divella Delights...stop by. Please help me in promoting the arts!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Replacing a Misplaced Bead in your Peyote Stitch Pattern

Have you ever reached the end of your peyote beading and realized that you have a misplaced bead? Perhaps you have broken bead somehow. There is an invisible way to repair or replace beads in Peyote stitched work and I will show you how. Do you notice there is a bead of the wrong color in the piece below? There is a green bead where the pattern calls for a yellow bead. There is a green bead where the pattern calls for a yellow bead. It is right there in the middle toward the bottom. Do you see it? We are going to remove that green bead and replace it with a yellow bead.
For Larger Photos go to Divella Delights!!

Slide your needle through the bead to be certain you want to remove as shown.
Now, take your pliers and carefully break that bead and remove completely. I usually just poke it through with my needle after I break it.
Now with the bead completely removed weave your way over to the bead just in front of the empty space.
Pick up the correct bead in the pattern, in this case my yellow bead and go through the next 2 beads on the diagonal.
Turn and go through those beads again and the next bead on the diagonal going on the opposite direction form when you added the new bead.
Weave in your end. Now, tell me which bead I replaced!