Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summertime Fun Beading Classes

Allow me to introduce my 10 year old twin granddaughters, Dive & Ella and my 12 year old niece Kathryn.
For the next few days I will be teaching them a variety of beading techniques and trying to fit in some other fun as well.
Today we did Shamballa bracelets and they are progressing well with their tiger stripe peyote stitch bracelets. Yesterday Kathryn taught us all how to make survival braclets and Diva will be teaching the crystal bracelets but she will be using round beads instead.

 I taught her (& she perfected) this technique earlier in the year and I told her then that she would be teaching this summer.
I hope you enjoy the photos from the classes and a variety of other activities we are going to take part in.
We did make it to the lake today for an hour of swimming but I forgot the camera.
Shamballa Class
Peyote Class
Relaxing with a game of cards
Today we have managed to make Shamballa Bracelets and they are progressing well with their tiger stripe peyote stitch bracelets.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spooked by Right Angle Weave?

One of my daughters sent me some Agates for Mother's Day to use in my designs, breathtaking isn't it?!

After I bead embroidered around the Agate Cabochon, the only thing left was to figure out the neck. I really liked the look of Cubic Right Angle Weave but I have never taught myself how to work it up.
I have resisted learning Cubic Right Angle Weave for so long and today I have to wonder why. The only thing I can figure out is that when I first saw it there must have been something that seemed so daunting. For those of you who learn better by seeing rather than reading, this video is for you, fabulous & free.
It took me all of 15 minutes to get this down and once you do it goes very quickly!

I bead daily for most of my day so #11 beads were not a problem. If you ever have trouble learning a new stitch try it with bigger beads until you are familiar with the stitch. It also helps if you use different color beads for each new row so you can really SEE where you are coming from and going.
Have fun!
I post lots of little tips and tricks on my website at Divella Delights and also offer free peyote stitch patterns from time to tine

Friday, June 14, 2013

Watercolors for the Soul

Have you ever seen a painting that just reaches into the very depths of your soul?  I have grown up with a very artistic family. My mom is a watercolor artist, and Calligrapher while my sister is an Encaustic artist at present. She also dabbles in pottery, acrylic and watercolor. The boys expressed their creativity with landscaping. My uncle carved rocks into lovely creatures, and my dad made a even a day sailing adventure a meditation for the heart. While is used to paint Sumi-e, my passion and expression has drifted over to creating jewelry. You can see my designs at Divella Delights
 I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of works by my family, and I have been to many galleries over the years. I check into family sites every now and then and today I came across this painting that spoke to me in a language that I don't hear often. There are no words in this language, it just reaches in and caresses a part of you, the most tender, sensitive part of your soul and speaks a message that you can only hear at these depths.

Be kind to yourself today an enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you.
Penelope Culbertson

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Heirloom Jewelry

Do you have an odd earring that belonged to your mom and grandmother? How about a treasured old button, a coin you brought back from a distant land while on vacation or your Honeymoon? How about one of your dad's old cufflinks that holds special appeal? Are you waiting for something wonderful to do with it? I have just the answer. It occurred to me while I was making these bead embroidered cuffs that I could just as easily use some piece of memorabilia for the focal piece in the center. At Divella Delights you can guide the process.

If you do not share my passion for bead embroidery, let me do it for you.  Just contact me at and let's chat about your own special bead embroidered cuff!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Directions!

If you have looked at my "Retired Designs" listings, you have noticed that many of my designs are being retired. After much thought, prayer and consideration, I have chosen a new direction for my website and my designs. I have had a lot of joy creating all of my work in the past 7 years but change is necessary!

I will be creating 4 major signature pieces a year to coincide with the seasons. They will be available for a limited time and I will be creating a limited number of pieces in each design. Because each one is made by hand, they will have subtle differences.

I will be doing more bead embroidery in cuffs and adding some necklaces using the same technique. I will also be creating more of the Peyote stitch patterns which will be made to order as the length of those are key to a good fit. The clasps will be made by me with a more elegant appearance.

I am very excited about the new direction I am going in, I hope you will too!

I have more changes in the works so make sure you stop in from time to time.

I will still be making my popular hats, not to worry. I will be limiting the amount I have on the site only because of the increase in Wholesale orders around the country. I will again not be taking any special orders this year.

I hope you'll stop by Divella Delights and check out the new changes and make sure to take advantage of the 60% off sale between now and then!