Monday, March 30, 2009

Rap Music, an opinion

I never liked Rap music. As far as I was concerned it was a quite profane genre and I would not even allow my children to play it in my home. I am a 50 something and it was not what I grew up on. I am a Christian, a cradle Catholic and have become in the last several years quite conservative.
Obamanomics scares the heck out of me as I see us moving more toward Socialism and a national debt that can never be paid. I was taught that if a person works hard it would pay off. Now the theme seems to be lay on your butt and those who DO work hard will have to support you because we are going to penalize them for going to school, making the grade, sacrificing, working long, hard hours and being successful. Redistribute the wealth, create national healthcare, grant more power to a very select few who will then decide IF you get to keep your business AND how much you can make. Now that is "Change you can believe in".
My husband to my dismay listened to all those conservative talk shows. In fact my TV remote would gather dust. I did not tolerate them well until I gave Glenn Beck a chance and although I don’t care for many talk show hosts of any sort I do like him. He makes sense to me and I like his guests. He gives me food for thought and I do the footwork.
While watching the show I heard a "Rapper" and I almost turned off the TV. It was a song by the name of Mr. Conservative by Hi Caliber and it "wowed" me. Take a listen at and let me know your thoughts.
He is not profane and is quite logical. I have to admit those "Rap" beats are quite catchy.

NEW Peyote Stitch Jewels

Check out the new bracelets! I love the green one and think I will keep it. I have it and tons more on my website at

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thinking of Wine

It’s funny how art seems to take direction all by itself. I began this, a free-from peyote bracelet as a special order for someone who wanted a free form in purples. When I realized I did not have an appropriate center bead I had to make one. I was going along trying to get this finished before I leave on my trip when I realized it began looking like grapes to me. Now, perhaps that is because I want a glass of wine, I don’t know. I’ll have one but not until I have finished with the clasp portion. Anyway, like the vase I did recently I had no real plan. I picked out the beads I wanted to use and went from there. I had a couple of leaves left over from the vase and decided to put them on. Then I went back and added a couple of grape clusters since it already appeared to have taken on that theme. Presto! I am waiting for final approval before I make this to her requested length. If she likes wine I think I am in! Happy Friday!

Designer Shoes

Do you have an addiction to buying shoes? Are you bored with everything you see out there? Well, I have the perfect answer for you. These shoes by Mathieu Missiaen at NDEUR SHOES are hand painted and I guarantee you don't have these in your closet...yet. Go by and see more at or you can check out his My Space page at to see his paintings and other works of art or just to find out more about this fascinating young artist.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chemo Caps

I had a wonderful compliment from my sister about my hats; especially the Summer Flapper Hats. "Because they are made of soft cotton they make great Chemo Caps and are much more stylish than many others you see around."
I will be donating some to the local cancer ward here when I return from vacation. I had never thought of that I am sorry to say. I donate to children’s homes and such in the winter months but never thought of the need for something pretty and feminine during the summer months.
If you know of a cancer center that could use some, please let me know. I would be happy to donate a few. I can make children’s sizes as well.

My New Felted Bag

I wanted a cool new bag for my trip, especially since I am going a-marketing so I whipped this one up. It is large, has a beaded crochet rope handle and cool brass leaves attaching it to the bag. It has a magnetic snap and a crochet free form button made with all kinds of cool stuff. Neat huh? Here is is hanging with all y junk in it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Vase Completed...

My beaded Vase is at last completed, now onto the next...but which one? I think I am in the mood for a small one but I really liked the last one. And then what theme? Any ideas?

Vase Skin Completed seems like forever since I began this vase skin! Now that the skin is finished all I have to do is the embellishments. I have put a few flowers on and 1 leaf and I beaded up another leaf. After I get that little grouping on I will put a few pearls here and there and call it good. The bottom was much easier than I thought it would be so I am going to order those vases I spoke of in an earlier Blog. I have also found a few items around the house to work on in the meantime. Yes, I am addicted. Come back and see the progress on those as well. Oh! And I finished another peyote bracelet and have an order for one in purples.
I am on my way to Florida in a few days and have a lot to do to prepare for that trip. I am hoping to get some accounts on the way down.
Wish me luck!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flaps Down, More Hats by Jessy

just received a box of new hats by Jessy! There are some kids hats which I have not photographed yet as I am trying to find a model but they are adorable. There are a bunch of new women's hats on the site though so go take a look. These are very stretchy and will fit Tweens and women.
She uses a wide variety of colors and fibers and like me, she tends to go where the mood takes her so no two are alike.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Bottoms Up!

We are getting closer! Here is the vase as I near the end of the bottom. Then all I have to do is get the top done. One thing…if you decide to do one of these resist the temptation to add anything until you are finished with beaded the vase. It is more time consuming to bead this now because I have to watch that my thread does not catch on the flowers. Also resist the urge to decrease too much as you turn onto the bottom.
Having finished the summer Garden Bracelet I was working on I am going to be starting a new one with these colors. The cloth it is on is actually a light green so the colors, at least on my monitor are accurate. The shell is an original lampwork by Generations Lampwork and I will be using that for the center I think.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Peyote Stitch Bracelet Completed!

OK so now that this is finished I can concentrate all my efforts on the beaded vase. Whew...This is a gem of a bracelet! It began with a beautiful original lampwork bead by Rufus and Roxy! You can see a complete description on my website blog at

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Peyote Stitch and Knit One Pearl Too

As the vase nears completion so does the bracelet. The direction of the vase is hard to see but after I finish beading the actual vase I will add the embellishments. I have decided on a title...Midnight Garden so I will be going with that theme. There will be beaded flowers, leaves and a few dragonflies, perhaps a butterfly and I am thinking vines...we'll see. I go back and forth between the two and now I have thrown in a sweater into the mix. I made the boyfriend sweater a few years ago and actually married the guy! Against the old wives tale for certain. Anyway he is due for another and here is the beginning of that...did this last night watching some tube with my honey. I am adding a copper crochet necklace to the batch of projects tonight, although I have to get that done for a special order at the jewelry store. I love having a few different things going on at once, it keeps me from getting bored. The free form peyote is really good for me as I tend to be OCD and very black and white. Abstract has never come easy for me, I do better with realism so this is quite a stretch.
You can see another little vase peeking out from behind, that'll be the next one while I wait for the shipment of larger ones to come in.
I will be taking a break pretty soon as I will be driving my daughter's car down to her in Florida where she is in "A" School in the Navy. I can't wait to see her as well as get out of the snow for a few days, we have had so much. Well, I had better get back to it...more tomorrow unless I finish it if.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Beaded Vase Continues

The Beaded Vase continues…
I had to resist the urge to take it apart and start over so I began the bracelet pictured here. I have to keep in mind that this is a learning tool and not a for sale project. I have learned a lot in this process and have been busy taking notes with photos. I think part of the reason I want to start over is because I am afraid of getting to the bottom and I am nearly there. The bottom of course, has to be completely flat so it is stable. Then there is the top up over the lip. One thing I am happy about and that is the choice of thread I used. I did not think about the end sue when I began and it is strictly a stroke of luck that I used Fireline. It won’t matter if it gets wet, king of important in a vase.
I also have a picture in my head I am anxious to begin after seeing some of the patterns emerge from this experiment.
I found a place on line where I can get the vases at a reasonable price and I am resisting the urge to order more until after I complete this one to make sure I can even do it. I have to order 12 at a time to get a price break and I really have no other use for them aside from these beaded vases.
Hopefully I can get this completed today, or at least the bottom.