Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Crochet Flapper Hats and New Designs

The new cloche, a little different than last year's Flapper Hat can be worn folded up or left down. It is made with a supersoft lambswool blend which my customers have loved or the last several years.
There is so much in the works now that my daughters wedding is over.
To catch up feel free to stop by my webiste, Divella Delights.
I will be back soon with so much jewelry designs and some more hats as well.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Beaded Lei: Part 1

When my daughter returned to Hawaii from her deployment I decided try to come up with a beaded Lei. The first part was designing the flowers which of course takes making up some samples. Here I have a few different types of petals. Now that I have decided which ones I like best I can begin creating the flowers that will make up the actual Lei.

I will also be creating an orchid in purple and yellow similar to this one. While working this one up I came across some changes I would like to make.

I think at this point that I will be doing the leaves in micro-macramé, similar to those on this piece but we’ll see what happens! I never know what will develop at my table!

I will phasing out this blog since I have one on my sure to follow the rest of this story there at Divella Delights

Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Summer Flapper Hats

I have begun a new series of Flapper hats for summer! Here are some examples of what is coming out soon. I just need to have them field tested first. I am planning several new hat designs for this summer and have some new designs planned for Winter 2012-2013 as well.

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Crochet Rope Designs

So you like bead crochet and have grown weary of the plain unadorned beaded rope….
I have the solution for you, Don’t leave you rope unembellished! I have done a series of embellished crochet rope necklaces that have given those old ropes new life.
Here are a few different styles I have created, I hope they give you some inspiration.

Summer Scarves

Who says scarves are just for winter? Certainly not I!

I am beginning this series of luscious scares for Spring and Summer hand knit with a lightweight fiber and in fabulous colors!
Super soft, feminine and comfy, these scarves are perfect for the warmer months and more mild climates.

Tell me what you think! Do you wear scarves the whole year through or just in the Fall and Winter months?
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Perfect Jewelry for the Office

These little bobs are great for your workday wardrobe. The color combinations are endless and they are priced right so you can have a pair to match every outfit from Monday through Friday, all month long!
The leverbacks make sure you don’t lose one so you’ll have no more missing mates.  
My neck tends to get cold so I wear a scarf pretty much all Fall and Winter.
A couple of features I like best about these are that they do not get caught or tangled in my scarves and my scarves and sweaters don’t push the earwires off my ears. I have slept in them many times because they are so comfortable I forget I have them on. I have a made myself several pair and I just love them.
I can do any color combination you like or I can create a solid color for you.
These cuff style bracelets are wonderful for the office because they do not interfere with your keyboarding or deskwork. They are very comfortable to wear, feeling like a luxurious fabric.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012


The Holidays are over and soon the grandkids will be heading home leaving me some much needed time to make you some fresh new designs for 2012 before I head off to my new job. It is a part time gig so I will still have to time for my own passion, creating lovely beaded jewelry and fiber designs for you! It has been a delightful Holiday with the girls but it is time to get back to work.

I have some new slipper patterns in the works and some lovely designs from patterns that I purchased from Fiber Trends. For those of you who knit and crochet I highly recommend the patterns there. I have purchased 2 so far and they are very well written and easy to follow. For those of you who do not knit, I’ll happily do that part for you so stay tuned for styles, colors and prices.

I also have to complete a white version of the Poinsettia beadwoven bracelet seen below for Bead and Button magazine for next years Christmas edition. It has to be finished and in their office to be photographed before March 1, 2012.

I had a great season with Revolution in White River Junction for my first year with them. I’ll be working with them again this year as well as Fyberworks in Portland, Oregon and Tardif in Waterville, Maine.