Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wooden Jewelry

My husband and I have been working to make some wooden jewelry and we have completed our first pair of earrings. These earrings were made with Maple, Agate and Copper. The wooden piece was cut using a method that allows these "beads" to be 3 dimensional and all one piece. I added a Crazy Lace Agate and the earrings are wire-wrapped with copper wire then place in copper oxidized leverback earwires. More photos and the finished earrings are available at Divella Delights

Felted Bags

I am happy to announce that I am knitting like crazy to make more of the felted wool clutches and full size felted bags. They should be dry in a day or two so I can begin the embellishments and get them ready for you.
I was very busy getting a lot of the small felted bags finished for the jewelry store. She has plenty to last for a bit so I want get more clutches done since they did so well. I have some really yummy colors coming up so check back and check often, they go quickly!
I am winding down with the hats, there are many to choose from right now and I really need to get some jewelry done for the jewelry store. If there is a special color you would like to see, let me know and I will try my very best to accommodate your wishes. Should you be interested in a particular bag, I will need plenty of advance notice as they do take quite a bit of time, not only to knit and embellish but they also take a few days to dry.
More information can be found at Divella Delights

Felted Bags

I am very happy to report that the "Little Bag" series is a success! You can see more at Divella Delights as well as some larger felted bags and clutches. I love to have an excuse to knit so thanks to all my wonderful customers!
I really need to focus on getting some jewelry done but with the temperature dropping all I want to do is knit and crochet. The jewelry store is getting low on stock and it is not the best time of year to neglect that for sure. I suppose that in light of this I will be at the table creating designs of the gemstone variety this week when I am not at LL Beans answering phone calls!
As far as those wonderful Flapper hats I have some in stock already. Last year they took off suddenly and I was up until well after midnight crocheting like crazy. This year I have quite a few made up ready to go.
Grab a cup of tea and stop by Divella Delights and check out the new jewelry, hats and felted bags.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Monthly Drawing Winner

Congrats to Leslie who was the Divella Delights monthly winner for October!
Remember that you have to be on the e-mail list to win so sign up now if you have not already! You will not get a bunch of e-mails from me. I send them out to notify my customers of sales or contests. I will be having a customer only sale soon. E-mails will go out to notify those on the list with a special password to get the hot deals but if you are not on the list you'll miss some great pre-holiday deals.
Just go to the home page of Divella Delights and scroll down to the bottom.
While you are there take a look at the guestbook and see what my customers are saying! Her are a couple of examples of what you will find in my shop.

Great Gift Ideas

What a great idea, thanks Marsha!
Do you give gift cards, or want to but think it might not be personal enough? Check out these great little handmade felted bags just the perfect size to slip a gift card, or even cash into.
They are hand knit then felted to make a beautiful, thick durable fabric. Once dry (takes about 3 days) I embellish them in a variety of different ways and no 2 are ever alike. There are a few different sizes of the small bags and then of course the beautiful clutches are back this year.
The clutch is perfect for a night out, especially all those Holiday parties that are coming right up. It holds the essentials but does not overpower your outfit and they are quite elegant and feminine.
These little bags would make wonderful gift bags for a nice piece of jewelry too!
Some of the uses that have been suggested are:
Coin Purse
Gift Bag for jewelry,
gift cards and moneyCredit Cards
Business Cards
Eyeglass Case
GPS case
Digital Camera Case
All this and more can be seen at Divella Delights.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just the bag for those Holiday parties or shopping trips! This bag was hand knit and felted to 8X6.5 inches and has a 15" to center felted strap (30" total). The flower is beaded one petal a time and is attached to a pin so it can be removed to wear. In the center of the flower are genuine pearls. The pin back also has a necklace loop on the back if you want to slide onto a chain to wear as a necklace. I will be adding new Holiday jewelry and gift items to my shop so come by Divella Delights and see what's new!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Handmade Wooden Coasters

I am so excited I cannot even wait until they are finished to start talking about them! I asked my hubby to make me some coasters but I wanted something natural. I love what he has come up with. Now, understand that these are just the rough-cuts without sanding and polyurethane. I am trying to talk him into putting on a matte finish rather than the glossy. They are the perfect size and he is going to felt the back so it does not scratch my mothers beautiful old wood tables in my living room.
Now he is in search of seasoned maple, cherry and oak small enough to use for this project. Trick is it has to be small enough to maintain the bark all the way around the coaster. These will be mine but I told him if I like them this much then others would probably like them too. They would be great hostess gifts for Holiday parties!
He works full time so this is a part time project and one he can probably do only on weekends so give it a week or two and check back! Maybe I can talk him into putting in an evening or two so we can have some to show you this week.
I also have a vision for a clock with gemstones set in filigree settings as the numerals of the clock and the clock itself with a Victorian theme. First I have to get the gems which I am going to go order now!
I will putting all these on my Divella Delights website so check in!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Felted Bag Accessories

I am so excited about these new felted bags. I found a wonderful website some time ago for oxidized brass, silver, etc… to use on some of my jewelry. I was fooling around with some of her products the other day and came up with this bag. Now I have placed an order for some beautiful leaves, flowers and other filigree items that I can use on the 6 bags I have drying now. I can’t wait to get them! The shop is Accessories Susan and her prices are great which is important to me, as I want to keep the bags affordable. They take some time to make, then there is the expense of the felting process so keeping the embellishments affordable is key and Susan makes that happen!
Check in with Divella Delights in the next week to see what I come up with!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Small Felted Bags

Because I had a request from the local jewelry store to do these little bags I thought I would make some for my Internet customers as well. They are all hand knit with 100% wool and some novelty mohair and angora then felted. They have a heavy-duty snap closure and most of the embellishments are handmade by me as well. They are great for gift bags and perfect for business cards, money, credit cards, etc… I am also making a variety of other sizes perfect for all those pesky little items that get lost in your bigger bag. I use one to keep my GPS and digital camera from getting scratched. Lots more to come so stay tuned into Divella Delights for more felted bags and jewlery!