Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Extra Extra...Read all about it!

Extra, Extra Read all about it!

This Newsboy Hat Pattern was fashioned after those boys (and I am sure sometimes girls) in the 1920’s and 1930’s. I have given mine a tiny bit of a feminine twist, using 2 strands of yarn and choosing colors other than brown. On the model I have used 1 strand of Homespun and 1 strand of 100% wool worsted weight.

I have the Pattern as well as the finsihed hat on my website. As with all my patterns once I have sold 50 they are retired so get yours now!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jersey Girl or Newsboy?

I have heard this hat referred to as the Newsboy style and then my son told me it is called the Jersey Girl.

Whatever it is called, it is my own take on the popular brimmed hat crochet style and I call it the Kathryn Cap.

I named it the Kathryn Cap because it reminds me of one of my nieces. Kathryn is a very talented gal, a bit sassy and quite an athlete so no flowers and flourishes for this design!

Like most of my other hats it is worked with 2 strands of yarn with a variety of fibers. After the basic hat is completed I attach some embellishments for a little more attitude.

Hope you like it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Bracelet Designs

I love learning new techniques and when I figured this one out I enjoyed it so much I thought I would do a new series of bracelets for the Fall line up!

The top one in the photo was my first attempt with Swarovski pearls and larger beads. The 2 lower pieces are with smaller beads and gemstones which I like much better.
What do you think?! Should I put clasps on them or make them bangles that you can roll on?
Here are a couple I have made with clasps and I am working on the Bangle now.

New and Old Hat Designs for Winter 2011-2012

I am having so much fun looking ahead to Winter this year. I have come out with 2 new designs for winter hats so far and am planning a couple more which should be rolling out soon.
Featured here are the Julia Cloche and the Allie Cloche. Both are my granddaughters but they very different in style. Allie is more the tomboy and does not like all the frills and flowers of my previous designs so I made a cloche style that is still a touch feminine but without all the pomposity.

Julia is a bit more girlie but still quite down to earth so her cloche is a little casual in appearance but with a decidedly more feminine flair.
Naturally because they have been so successful I still have my Diva Hat and my Ella Cloche also both named after granddaughters.
Ella is a bit feisty but very chic and classy.This series is hand knit with 100% wool then felted. The embellishments are made and attached to the hat after it is dry. Wear this hat when you want clean lines and a sophisticated look.                                                                                 
Diva is my little Diva Darlin’ and unlike the image her name would invoke, she is a very sweet, gentle girl who is very loving and affectionate. Like her mother, she cares deeply for others making her quite compassionate. I have been making this design using a blend of wool and acrylic for several years and have sold hundreds with as many very happy customers.
I still have some of the fabulous 100% wool Flapper hats
and a few of the Flapped Flapper Hats as well.

Make sure to check the Drastic Reduction section for some special deals on some of last year’s hats.