Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bead and Button Feature

Monday morning I am sending this necklace to Bead and Button to be featured in their June 2011 issue and I am very excited.

When I decided I wanted to learn some of the bead stitches I looked at all the popular bead magazines and after checking into all of them for a couple of issues I decided on Bead and Button. they had the best instructions and great photos. With my subscription I get online extras and a place where I can post photos of my work.
I am honored to have one of my pieces in their fine better subscribe now because I intend to buy the newsstands out come June!

Beaded Bracelets Patterns

My original pattern designs using even and odd count peyote stitch include clasp instructions for a plain loop and toggle and even instructions to make a pair of matching earrings.
The pattern uses Delica #11 beads
The pattern is 6-7 pages long and includes:
Page 1: Bead Legend,
pattern (for more experienced beaders) and
bead count complete with
Delica color's and quantities of each bead needed

Pages 2-6,7 Very detailed Bead by bead, and row by row instructions.

You will receive your PDF format pattern via e-mail within 24 hours (usually right away) after Paypal has processed your payment. There is no refund for patterns.
If you are ordering this outside the US please convo/e-mail me, as Paypal will add shipping so I need to send you a corrected invoice.
All patterns ©2009 Divella Delights and while you may make and sell the bracelets you may not re-sell the patterns, or use them for compensated teaching purposes. It would be nice (and is customary) for you to give design credit to Divella Delights should you choose to sell the items made from these patterns (pattern created by Divella Delights) By completing this purchase you are agreeing to these terms.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Frost

Although Autumn is my favorite time of year there is much to be appreciated in the winter months as well. I live in Maine and there is not a more beautiful place to be in either season. The flamboyant colors and cooler temperatures of Fall ease us into the stunning monochromatic flavor of winter. Last year I was quite taken with the icy patterns on my porch windows. I went out each morning to see what gift Jack Frost had left for me as the patterns changed every day.I have wanted to do something monochromatic in sterling for quite some time and when I saw the Hill Tribe sterling Poinsettia pendant I knew I had to have it. I went back through those photos from last winter and here is what, Old Man Winter and I came up with.
Over 700 sterling silver beads are woven together with Swarovski Crystal and beautiful, genuine silver button Pearls. The center is a large Hills Tribe Sterling flower; the clasp is a sterling lobster claw. The Swarovski sparkles beautifully from behind the silver weave as the light hits them and give this piece a subtle splash of color

Beaded Bracelet Patterns

After a few requests I decided I would begin selling my patterns for the beaded bracelets. Here is what you will get when you order one of my patterns. All patterns are in full color.
Bead Legend: this tells you what Delica beads you will need complete with the Delica color #, and the amount of each you will need.
Bead Pattern: useful for those who know how to read a Peyote Stitch pattern.
Complete print out row by row bead by bead for those who find it too tedious or have never even SEEN a Peyote Stitch pattern before!
Directions with photos of a beaded toggle clasp. You can always make or buy your own if you want to.
Bonus directions for matching beaded earrings.
I design these patterns myself and it takes quite some time and a lot of work to complete them. Feel free to make and sell the times produced from these patterns however the pattern itself remains the property of Divella Delights and may not be sold or reproduced and marketed in any way, including for use as a teaching aid.
Because of the nature of the sale, pattern purchases cannot be refunded but I will help you in any way I can via e-mail. The patterns are extremely easy to use and if you know how to do flat peyote stitch you can one of these in a day.
I will have more coming! I am working on a Tiger Print now and should be posting it in a day or two.