Saturday, November 29, 2008


From now until 12/20/08 Divella Delights will donate 10% of every sale
to Toys for Tots at

That means that for every gift you purchase here you will be getting 2 gifts and one will go to a child who has very little! What a great feeling it will be on Christmas day as we open our gifts to know that somewhere there is a child opening a gift who may not otherwise have one.

I have posted a lot lately about my fiber goods and have not talked about all the wonderful handmade gemstone jewelry I have...I will get to that soon and have new designs in the works!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Brand new in time for the holidays are the new Baby Flapper hats. Designed just like the Lady's Flapper Hat, these are made with Homespun and lambswool for ultimate softness and warmth. I only have one so far but am most happy to take orders for any age infant or toddler...or for Mom for that matter. I have had wonderful feedback on these hats from customers on the construction and softness of hats which are now very much in style if sales are any indication.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Flapper Hats Make Comeback

If sales are any indication the Flapper style hats are making quite a comeback. I made a couple to give as gifts and thought I would put them on line until I had to ship them off for Christmas. What happened is that I sold 8 the first week. Needless to say I have made plenty more and they are still selling. I make the scarves also for anyone who wants them and have sold a few sets this way. The scarflet is a handy little item because you can wear them up or fold them down. They don't fall of or unwrap, they just stay put! You can see new hats and scarves nearly every day on my website at and everything in my shop is 10% off until December 20th.
The fibers are a variety. I crochet the hats and knit the scarves with 2 strands of yarn for maximum warmth and it also gives a very nice shape. I use wool, wool blends, angora, alpaca, acrylic and novelty yarns in my creations. I have a lot of fun making them as you can probably tell. I make each one a little different depending on the fibers I use so there is no strict pattern I use, I just go where my mood takes me. It has come to be a lot more fun that way!
I have had a lot of wonderful feedback from my customers so I will keep making them as long as there seems to be interest. Then it will be back to the jewelry!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crocheted Bracelets

Are you like everyone else this year and looking for low cost gifts? These crocheted bracelets are beautiful gifts and very reasonable. What is really wonderful is that they allow you to give a piece of handsome handmade jewelry without breaking the bank.
Fabulous, wonderful and colorful, durable, not to mention easy; just roll on and off, no claps to fiddle with! These crocheted bracelets are made with heavy-duty cord to give you years of enjoyment. They are available in most any color.
I have many more in my shop at so come by and check out the beautiful new crocheted bracelets today

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winter Blues

Typically winter has been a time for muted tones and earthy colors taking all the color out of our world just when we need it most. Chase away the winter blues with one of the new Flapper style hats this year. Just because the trees are bare and the skies gray and heavy with snow is no reason to go colorless. Make a bold statement today with a Flapper Hat and Scarflet.
Each hat is a one of a kind piece of art. The designs for the hats are pretty much the same although I do tweak them depending on the types and weights of yarn used. The embellishments on the hats make the statement and no two are alike. For those of you who really can’t force that much color into your life, I do make the more muted earth tones. I have done several special requests as far as color goes but my style is such that I have to have artistic license with the flowers, leaves, etc… Everyone has been very pleased.
Payment is made on approval, never before so you can be sure you are getting a hat you will want to wear every day!
Stop by my website at and check out what I have in stock. More are added nearly every day so keep checking or better yet e-mail me with your color preference or coat color!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Hats

You have to take a look at this hat!! It is the perfect hat for the Holidays!
Hand crocheted using a variety of rich, lush yarns from my favorite yarn store, this hat is sure to get you noticed this Holiday Season. Perfect for your entrance to those parties coming up! You will want to be fashionably late wearing this hat. It is fashioned in my new Flapper style but with embellishments that make this one a real work of art. It does contain wool so needs hand washing. It is difficult to get a good photo of the flower; the depth and richness are amazing! I made this flower in 8 separate pieces Look for the scarflet to match coming soon!
So stop by and take a peek.

Crocheted Hats

The Flapper hats were very popular in the 1920s when women’s style were at their peak. Feminine and sexy, sophisticated and demure all at the same time.I have tried to come up with a suitable replica in the crochet and knit mediums. The felted hats of course come the closest but I do love the open weave of the crochet variety I make. They look great with both the long and short hair styles of this anything goes style era we are in currently.This new series of hat are fashioned after the vintage Flapper Hats except that they are hand-crocheted. I use a variety of yarn fibers and I have a lot of fun with the flowers. I tried to use patterns for the flowers but always seemed to go astray so now I just start with a chain 4, join to form a ring and go off form there. I figure they must resemble something found in nature somewhere in the world J !
I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoy making them. Stop by and see all the new flapper hats!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

More Flapper Hats

These hats are selling like hotcakes at and my website at The dark blue one pictured here I posted at special request and before the girl who ordered it could buy it someone else bought it so I made another a little different and that one sold too. The red white and black set sold the day I listed it too! I have lots of differnet color combinations and I make some with the scarflet and some without. You can certainly order one in the color you would like! They sell for $23.00 each although on my website I am having a 10% off sale so they are a little cheaper there. They make a great Christmas gift and since they are one size you can't go wrong!
I am still trying to get those coasters finfished, I have them felted now I just have to do the detail work. Cruise by and have a peek at the webiste, it is coming along nicely thanks to those talented guys at Artisans Accomplice.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I have been working on this free form peyote for a while now and think I have some pieces I really like. The newest one can be seen in the bracelet section. It took some tweaking and no two are alike but I believe I have come up with a template for the design I approve of. The center 49 strand professional wire and a clasp is attached to that, usually hand made by me in either sterling or 14K gold-filled wire with a gemstone or Swarovski twisted in. The rest is done with a variety of seed beads, gems, pearls and Swarovski crystals to add texture and make the piece truly a conversation piece. The result is a sturdy, beautiful piece of jewelry that will give pleasure for years to come. The thread I use is a nylon professional grade made for stringing gems and is very tough.

Earlybird Holiday Discount

I have decided not to wait for Black Friday sales to begin offering my Holiday discount. Starting today I am offering a 10% discount. There is nothing to do; the prices have already been adjusted for you! Get a jump on your Holiday shopping in the comfort of your home and fuzzy slippers.
I am happy to ship directly to your recipient and include a small gift card, just make sure you e-mail the information to at the time of your purchase. Please do not use the recipient address for Paypal. If you have any questions you can e-mail me at the above address.
Look for more coaster sets in the coming days, they make great hostess gifts for those Holiday parties!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Handmade Dog Collars

These dog collars are really something! Handmade in Lawrenceville, Georgia USA by The Mod Dog, these would be a great gift for your favorite canine companion or for someone who adores their dog or puppy.
The Mod Dog specializes in custom designed accessories for your pet. They allow you to pick and choose all aspects of the design for the dog (or cat) collar/leash, so that it is completely customized to your liking. That means you can choose the style of the collar, the pattern, the main collar material, and hardware. The Mod Dog is happy to take special orders and customize a collar just for you and your four legged friend.
The Mod Dog began because the Kyra loved buying unique dog collars and was a little disappointed at the selection and quality available. She has made all collars fully adjustable and triple stitched at stress points to prevent breaking and prolong durability.
They are very reasonable priced at $10 to $19 and there are so many patterns available you are sure to find just the collar to suit your dog or puppy's personality. They also have cat collars for those who prefer feline companionship.
She is currently asking for a 7-10 day production window so get on over to and place your order now and give your faithful friend a fashionable new dog collar.
When you have finished shopping for your pet, stop by and pick up a little bling or something to keep you warm on those long walks for yourself!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Black Friday, Buy handmade
Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the malls and retail stores. I wonder if the same is true for on line shoppers? I am thinking it must be; people are off for the holiday weekend.
If you want to stay home this Black Friday take advantage of all the Internet sites offering handmade gifts this year. You can find most anything at an online shop and support small business at the same time. Best of all you will be giving a one of a kind gift, handmade with great care.
Most artisans who sell their work at a site on line sell products that are of superior quality; they depend on repeat business! We cannot afford to have someone displeased by a purchase they made from us, we all know how fast bad news travels. In buying handmade this year you can accomplish a lot. Among other things by shopping the Internet shops on Black Friday or any day you can:
Save energy, time and money by shopping from home.
Support small business, maybe even someone in your own town!
Give a high quality USA handmade gift with a person and a story behind it.
Know that the person you are buying from depends on word of mouth and repeat business, they will want you to be thrilled with your purchase!
Avoid road rage, trying to find parking spaces, long check out lines, shortage of "advertised specials".
Avoid the infamous bait and switch practice used by so many retailers, especially on Black Friday.
Black Friday is part of a wonderful long weekend for most people and a chance for you to enjoy family, friends and wonderful food.
There are wonderful websites out there full of handmade artisans where you can read about the artisan and their work, ask questions, request special orders. One of them is I have a shop on there for my knit goods and my own shop at as well for my jewelry as well as my knit and crochet goods
On Etsy you can find just about everything your imagination can come up with and then some and it is handmade!. There are:
Wood products
Home D├ęcor
Soaps, lotions and oils
Paper goods
Leather goods and it goes on…

I am having a sale at my site beginning this Black Friday and lasting until New Year’s Day. I have not decided on all the details yet. I already offer free gift boxing on all my gemstone jewelry.
Shop in comfort, give a special gift this year and buy handmade this Black Friday.