Sunday, March 20, 2011

Classes, Sale and New Items

I have very exciting news! Divella Delights is moving to Vermont! We are very excited but as I look around at everything there is to pack I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I have decided to put nearly everything in the shop at 50% off. Hats, Bags and Jewelry!

Please help me out and pass this on to anyone you can think of who might be interested in getting some really good deals. This is a great chance to get some beautiful designer jewelry at the same prices my wholesale accounts have.

We have Easter right around the corner and Mother’s Day coming up soon too! If you are really the organize type you can shop for Christmas early too!

I have some great new pieces and a new section in the shop for the Ravishingly Robust woman.

I will be very busy for the next few months getting the house ready to sell, packing, donating, etc…so the next time I talk to you will be from Vermont a few months (and miles) down the road!

Take good care

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Earrings!

I really want to know what drives people to shop, or not to shop, for items on line.

I have decided to have a drawing for everyone who replies to my weekly question for helping me get some answers.
Go to my webiste Blog and enter today!

Each week I will have a drawing for a free pair of earrings for those who participate by making a comment answering the question. Please make sure you enter your e-mail address on your comment. It does not show up on the website, but does enable me to contact you if you are the winner. I will not use your e-mail address for any other purpose except to notify you if you should be the winner of the drawing.

If you would like to be added to my e-mail list, please feel free to sign up on the bottom of any page at Divella Delights

Monday, March 7, 2011

Jewelry for Ravishing Robust Women!

I hate the terms full figured or plus size! Divella delights is coming out with some of my favorite designs in lengths for ravishing, robust women.

This category will feature necklaces in lengths from 20-24 inches and bracelets beginning at 9 inches. The first one is in, a wonderfully versatile piece in bead crochet. Knot it or not!

The next is a 6-strand 22-inch version of Key Lime!

Any ideas? I would love to hear them!

Wild Over Lupines and Columbines

Although in 1895 the legislature adopted the Maine state flower as the White Pine Cone, if it came up for a vote my selection would have to be the Lupine. Since it grows wild here, there are fields and fields of this exquisite, colorful flower, even along the highways. It ranges in color from deep purple to white and stands up to 4 feet tall. There is no effort in growing these and no propagation needed. You can literally throw the seeds on the ground and soon you’ll see the seedlings appear. To get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want to plant them IN the soil!

They bloom in late Spring, early summer and you can get 2 bloomings by cutting off the flower after the first has died. It likes full to partial sun and damp soil. Because they have long taproots, they are not suppose to transplant well but I have found that it is easily done when the plants are small.

That brings me to the Etsy shop for the day! Maine Simple is the name of the shop and they’ll send you the seeds and all the instructions you need to grow this fabulous plant. Before long you will be attracting butterflies and hummingbirds for your enjoyment. Think of how stunning these would look on either side of your driveway or along the front of your house. My suggestion would be to pick up some Columbine while you are shopping; they have those as well.

The Lupines and Columbines are self-seeding so you don’t have to do anything in the fall to bring them back fuller and thicker each year. One thing though, as with many Perennials don’t look for these long stalks of colors on your Lupines the first year. I promise you though, it will be worth the wait!

Stop by Maine Simple and enjoy a piece of the way life should be.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dog Loving Bag Lady

My kids and husband call me the bag lady. I have bags in closets all over the house. I have leather bags, canvas bags, and wool bags; crochet bags, knit bags…You get the idea.
I also have 2 dogs; both rescue who are my constant companions.
I was on Etsy recently doing a search for yet another bag when I came across the Shop ‘Bee By The Sea, LTD’ Not only does she have bags, beautiful bags, she also has a line entitled ‘Pet Couture’. This includes charming fashions for your canine pal (just look at Charlie in his Sunday Coat!) she also creates high fashion collars, leashes and beds.

There’s more! For Charlie’s human friends Bee makes not only bags but also cozy blankets. These are wrap yourself in delight, and cozy up with your Hot Cocoa and good book blankets. Ah, what a great way to spend a cold Maine winter’s afternoon! For Charlie too, he has his own Bumble Bedzzz.

Now it is time to cozy down…

Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to put a Bead Cap/Cone on your Bead Crochet

Every week I check my report page to see what keywords and phrases people are using to search. This week I came across one that was asking how to attach bead caps and bead cones to a crochet bracelet.
This is how I do it.
First I hide both my tails in my work with a large blunt needle. I use the blunts because they don’t catch the threads.
I then cut a 4" piece of wire…silver, cold, copper; whatever the color of the bead cap/cone is. Now, if I am using a cone I put the wire through the rope under the 2 row of beads until there is about 1 inch on the other side.
I bend the wire so the short and long ends of the wire are parallel. Then wrap you’re the short wire around the larger one. Slide on your cone and wrap.

Using a bead cap you would do it the same way except you would not put the wire through the rope. Instead you would pick of the center threads in the bead crochet.
I have lots more hints, tips, tricks and even tutorials on my website at Divella Delights

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cure for Dry Skin Woes

Peace through Pampering does it again!

For 3 months I have had this patch of skin on my leg that was so dry it actually bled and formed scars. Wearing jeans has been painful. I tried creams, lotions, and salves; medicated, non-medicated. You name it I probably tried it. And yes, I had upped my water intake as well.

I contacted Barbara at Peace through Pampering where I got that wonderful lip balm hoping she might have some suggestions. She sent me some lotion that she had whipped up for her husband as he has a skin condition with very dry skin.

I cannot believe that after only 3 days of using this creamy lotion, once in the morning after my shower, I am seeing massive improvement. The cracks and flakes are gone and the skin tone is even improving! It feels so much better I am stunned quite frankly. I can wear my jeans without them causing pain to my leg. It has the perfect consistency, more like a face cream density and a light fresh scent. I am hoping she comes out with a lemongrass scent, I’ll keep you posted!

At this point she uses no preservative but because of the nature of lotion if it is not used up it will turn so she is seeking a natural, healthy stabilizer. The containers are large, like her sugar scrubs and a little goes a long way but even so I don’t think it will last long around here!