Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wool Flapper Hats

Wool Flapper Hats are here!
The new wool felt hats by Divella Delights are going fast. It takes 3 days to get them finished and they are selling faster than I can make them! I will have more in a couple of days so come see me at Divella Delights!
When I make my hats I use high quality fibers and fun embellishments. Most are in the style of the 1920s but I do have some more modern funky styles too as well as some good old-fashioned crochet beanies. I also have (or can make you) scarves to match. The scarves I make are 16X4 or so inches and have a 2-button closure so they don’t get al tangled up in whatever you are doing. They are especially nice for those who are involved in winter sports and they make your fun a little safer.
Special orders can be made after the Holidays to create something that is uniquely your own.
Come see the beautiful new wool flapper hats at Divella Delights!

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