Saturday, July 3, 2010

Felted Bangle Instructions

These bracelets are a lot of fun and all you need is some wool yarn, a couple of beads and some wire. Great for necklaces too! It makes a wonderful project for those scraps you have in your yarn collection.
You can buy the kit from Generations Lampwork with some stunning lampwork cones. It comes with everything you need.First you need to make the bracelet part. For this you will need 2 double pointed needles and some yarn. All you do for this part is make an I-cord. You can find great instructions for that with photos at Stitch Diva. I make a long I-cord, felt it then cut it into several pieces. Just remember that when you felt you are going to lose about 25%.
After the piece if felted and DRY, you can begin to put your bracelet together.
You will need 2 pieces of 20 gauge wire of your choice, 2 cones and your chosen beads. For a roll on bracelet keep in mind that you need to make it larger than your standard because it has to fit over your hand. Measure your hand around the widest part with you thumb on the inside of your palm.
Put the wire through the I-cord at least 1/4 inch from the end. Make a loop and wrap 3 times. Put the cone on and pull tight, make another loop and wrap 3 times. Set this aside while you put your cone on the other end.
After you have both your cones on slide your beads onto the wire and put through the loop on the other side, wrap and Voila!

 I wish I would have thought to write the instrustions before I put these together so I had photos to share with you along the way. I will be knittig some more up today so I should have soem photos in a couple of days.

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