Monday, August 25, 2008

Creating a new studio on a dime

Well, not a dime exactly, but really cheap. My studio space used to be 9x12 with no closet space and I needed more room as I expanded to different mediums. I went upstairs into this old room. First thingI did was rip up the old carpet. I forgot to take photos before I began but the room I re-made was the color of the trim in the first photo...brown. Walls, trim, floor, everything brown...YUK. So I bought a gallon of KILZ primer and primed the entire room. Then the walls went white, one gallon and the trim two-toned sage (my favorite color)...1 quart of each. The room had one outlet and with all the lights, computer, sewing machine, etc I needed more so my wonderful husband put this room on it's own circuit and put in additional outlets. We put OSB on the floor to prepare for hardwood flooring at a later date, and a fixture track lighting unit, those are way cool! So far $157.20.

I looked around at the old furniture and scrap wood that has been downstairs for 6 years or so and came up with all my shelves, tables etc...still $157.20. My new studio is 10x13 with built in drawers, closets and cubby holes. Much more storage and lots of wonderful well lit space to create in.
Now all of my yarn is on drawers as are all my office and packing supplies. My gems are hung on the same old corkboards so I can see them and my beads are all neatly arranged by size and color so I can spot those easily too. My sewing stuff is in the closet which we took the doors off of and put shelves in. My table is now in the middle of the room which allows me to have have different stations around the table...general beading station with a separate design area; wire jig, hammering, you get the picture. I just love it!! So for $157.20, one weekend and a trip to Home Depot I have a beautiful new studio. Now I have to get to work!!!

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