Thursday, August 13, 2009

LL Bean, Beaded Gardens and Meteor Showers

Ok so now it is official; I am going back to do the seasonal gig at LL Bean on October 19th. I had my interview today, which really just meant doing all the tax paperwork come to find out. In the meantime I am doing some home shows for the jewelry and I have tons of hats I have to make so I had better get busy!
There is only 1 more day to the sale so get it while you can as Janis used to say! I know. I am dating myself aren’t I?
I am heading down to the Boston area again on Sunday for an overnight with my granddaughters before they start school. They are 6 now, my they have grown so fast! I was right there holding their mommy’s hand when they were born and it does not seem like all that long ago.
After that I guess things will return to normal, whatever that is!
I have a few design knocking around in my head…not safe in there, so watch for some new designs coming right up.
I will also be unveiling the flower garden necklace with over 20 hours of work in it, look for that in the next couple of days.
Now, it is late and I am off to watch the meteor show! Rest well!

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