Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Frost

Although Autumn is my favorite time of year there is much to be appreciated in the winter months as well. I live in Maine and there is not a more beautiful place to be in either season. The flamboyant colors and cooler temperatures of Fall ease us into the stunning monochromatic flavor of winter. Last year I was quite taken with the icy patterns on my porch windows. I went out each morning to see what gift Jack Frost had left for me as the patterns changed every day.I have wanted to do something monochromatic in sterling for quite some time and when I saw the Hill Tribe sterling Poinsettia pendant I knew I had to have it. I went back through those photos from last winter and here is what, Old Man Winter and I came up with.
Over 700 sterling silver beads are woven together with Swarovski Crystal and beautiful, genuine silver button Pearls. The center is a large Hills Tribe Sterling flower; the clasp is a sterling lobster claw. The Swarovski sparkles beautifully from behind the silver weave as the light hits them and give this piece a subtle splash of color

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