Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great Find on Etsy!

Can’t you just see how scrumptious her sugar scrubs are?! I was one of the Guinea Pigs she refers to in her product description She will be listing her bath salts tomorrow so stay tuned for more all-natural, non-toxic, healing, soothing products from Barbara.
"I loved the sugar scrub I purchased from a major retail outlet, until I read the ingredients. A whole list of chemicals that I couldn't pronounce and didn't want. So began my first 'mad science' experiments to make a product that is good for the body, soul and environment.So I began with a list of ingredients that nourish your skin. Organic sugars that naturally exfoliate. Sweet almond oil to moisturize and soothe skin. Apricot kernel oil for it's high vitamin E content and skin softening. Grape seed oil for toning and healing. Scented with sandalwood and lavender essential oils, forming a synergy of scents to boost confidence and relax the mind.Then I sent a batch out to my 'guinea pigs', family and friends that were willing to give me honest feedback. They overwhelmingly love it and want more. However, as with any product with natural carrier oils, this will make your bathtub or shower slippery; so please use caution and common sense when using.This large 8-ounce jar is sealed and securely wrapped for shipping. Please note that I do not use emulsifiers, preservatives or artificial colors in this; this is a full jar of high quality oil and organic sugars. The heavy walled jar is labeled for recycling, so please recycle!
Simply smooth on skin and rinse with hot water. It will literally leave your skin as smooth as a baby's bare bottom"
Look for more scents to come!
The jars are dishwasher safe and because I re-use a lot rather than recycle so I use mine for beads and other small trinkets.

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