Monday, January 3, 2011

Beware of "Artisan Created"

Whew...back from a few days in Boston and time to get back to work.
We left off discussing great jewelry findings (before the bath products).
Today I want to talk about Lampwork beads.
I have seen several sites lately who boast "artisan created" when talking about lampwork beads. This to me is misleading most of the time. When I saw that I could buy an unlimited amount of the same exact bead I began to wonder.
When I buy lampwork beads from an artisan each one is different, even if they are a "matched pair". This makes sense to me as an artist so I never gave it another thought. These mass produced glass beads are not the same. If you were ever curious about how these stunning beads were made I have a great link for you. After reading this you can clearly see that no 2 beads can ever be exactly alike unless you are melting the glass in some sort of mold. I do not consider that as artisan created. The beads that I use are truly artisan created, made by the artisan…one bead at a time with a torch and glass rod…by hand. This of course, does make the bead more costly but I look at it this way…I can buy an original painting or I can buy a print; a less expensive reproduction which a million other people are going to have. Perhaps if the prints are a limited edition only 500 other people will own them…still. The original makes it more valuable and there is not another anywhere. If you want to find some great (truly) artisan created beads check out my 'Link' page. Pictured here are some beads by
Generations Lampwork

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