Saturday, May 28, 2011


 Fall gets most of the glory in this part of the country, but living in Maine these past 7 years I have found a new appreciation for Spring. It is time to put away all the sweaters, boots and gloves and move the snow blower and shovels to the back of the garage. In place of the winter tools we now have the BBQ grill, lawn chairs and garden equipment. My mother's favorite, the Daffodils begin to arrive letting me know that my cherished lilies are soon to follow. My design palette changes from deeper hues to those more bight and colorful. Pinks, reds sunny yellows and bright oranges replaces the deeper colors more popular in the fall and winter months. The temperature is much kinder but will give way soon to the hot and humid lazy days of summer. For now though, everything is perfect. I wake up early to the birds singing and the scent of the lilacs coming in my window that I left open the night before. Mmmmm, Spring has arrived in New England.

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