Saturday, November 12, 2011

Upcoming Changes

Hi Everyone!

I am certainly enjoying the extended Fall season

we are having here in the Northeast!

There are some upcoming changes to coming to

Divella Delights.

At the end of December I will stop selling the

beading patterns and tutorials.

It has come to my attention that my patterns are being stolen so I will have to make up the bracelet and photograph it made up. This means there will only be a very few that I continue to sell until I get them made into bracelets.

Meanwhile I have

listed them at 50% off so if you have been wanting

to learn how to bead those luscious peyote stitch

bracelets, now is the time! They are delivered via

e-mail so you get them right away. They come in 2

formats: the pattern for those who are familiar

with peyote stitch patterns and also bead by bead,

row by row with all the Delica bead colors listed

for you by number. I also have extra large formats

for those with eyesight like mine! They are so

soft and supple, almost like a fabric when they

are made. Give it a try!

The crochet flapper hats continue to be a success

this year but I am changing the design for next

year. My yarn cost went up 30%, which I think is

outrageous, so I am trying to come up with a

pattern just as beautiful with different materials

so I can keep the price the same. I would also

like to keep that super soft, wonderful feel that

my customers seem to love. I use mostly fibers

made here in the USA, as well as a few from Europe

and am struggling to maintain that.

If you have not checked out my latest hats, stop

by and take a peek! If you are in The White River

Junction area you can stop and see them at

Revolution, the latest shop to add my designs!

I wish you all a very happy holiday season, tasty

turkey dinners and dreams realized!

Warm Regards,


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