Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Beaded Lei: Part 1

When my daughter returned to Hawaii from her deployment I decided try to come up with a beaded Lei. The first part was designing the flowers which of course takes making up some samples. Here I have a few different types of petals. Now that I have decided which ones I like best I can begin creating the flowers that will make up the actual Lei.

I will also be creating an orchid in purple and yellow similar to this one. While working this one up I came across some changes I would like to make.

I think at this point that I will be doing the leaves in micro-macramé, similar to those on this piece but we’ll see what happens! I never know what will develop at my table!

I will phasing out this blog since I have one on my sure to follow the rest of this story there at Divella Delights

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