Saturday, March 3, 2012

Perfect Jewelry for the Office

These little bobs are great for your workday wardrobe. The color combinations are endless and they are priced right so you can have a pair to match every outfit from Monday through Friday, all month long!
The leverbacks make sure you don’t lose one so you’ll have no more missing mates.  
My neck tends to get cold so I wear a scarf pretty much all Fall and Winter.
A couple of features I like best about these are that they do not get caught or tangled in my scarves and my scarves and sweaters don’t push the earwires off my ears. I have slept in them many times because they are so comfortable I forget I have them on. I have a made myself several pair and I just love them.
I can do any color combination you like or I can create a solid color for you.
These cuff style bracelets are wonderful for the office because they do not interfere with your keyboarding or deskwork. They are very comfortable to wear, feeling like a luxurious fabric.

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