Thursday, April 10, 2008

French beading beginings

My daughter wanted my to bead some flowers for her so I began small and just did some leaves for this necklace. It's kind of fun. I think I will enjoy it in between my "real work". I did find some very useful tips and instructions, here are a couple of links :
And of course because I love the folks on Etsy, here is a link to a shop I found that specializes in this technique She does gorgeous work, check it out!
I think this little center made this necklace really cute. When I put the clasp on it just looked to plain in the front so I added another flower and the leaves, just a little touch of something...what do you think? Does it work? I am off now to a new design, new adventure...I sure do love this work! I have a great set on sale in my Etsy shop at
Have a GREAT day!

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