Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crocheted Bracelets by special order

Lots of styles to choose from! I make these with heavy duty nylon cord to ensure a long life and you can even get them wet! I use high quality Japanese seed beads and original lampwork beads. They are typically made to 8 inches to fit a 6-7 inch wrist but I have made larger ones for men and women and smaller ones for children upon special request. I have has special orders for band, school, barn, and reggae colors, as well as color schemes. They just roll on and off so no clasp to fiddle with. I have these on for sale and you can also order from there very easily. You can pretty much figure the cost as I charge $2.25 per inch plus my cost (usually $4.50 to $9.oo) for the center bead if you use one. So without a center bead it will be just $18.00 for the typical 8 inch piece to fit a 6-7 1/2 inch wrist. They retail for $49.00 here in town and I have seen them on the net for the same. I just can't fathom that! I have been told my prices need to go up but for now I want to leave them as they are. I get my lampwork by special order from Generations Lampwork so if there is a special theme you want, I am certain we can come up with the perfect item for you.
These are really cute. They are initial beads and have flowers and hearts as well as whatever initial you want. I made these for my 2 grandaughters and they picked their own colors for the bracelet beads. So as you can see, whatever you can dream up can be done in some fashion.

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