Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Handmade Wooden Coasters

I am so excited I cannot even wait until they are finished to start talking about them! I asked my hubby to make me some coasters but I wanted something natural. I love what he has come up with. Now, understand that these are just the rough-cuts without sanding and polyurethane. I am trying to talk him into putting on a matte finish rather than the glossy. They are the perfect size and he is going to felt the back so it does not scratch my mothers beautiful old wood tables in my living room.
Now he is in search of seasoned maple, cherry and oak small enough to use for this project. Trick is it has to be small enough to maintain the bark all the way around the coaster. These will be mine but I told him if I like them this much then others would probably like them too. They would be great hostess gifts for Holiday parties!
He works full time so this is a part time project and one he can probably do only on weekends so give it a week or two and check back! Maybe I can talk him into putting in an evening or two so we can have some to show you this week.
I also have a vision for a clock with gemstones set in filigree settings as the numerals of the clock and the clock itself with a Victorian theme. First I have to get the gems which I am going to go order now!
I will putting all these on my Divella Delights website so check in!

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