Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Form Peyote Instructions

I have had a lot of requests for Free Form Peyote classes but this is really something most of you can do on your own without the cost of a class. I will be doing classes for those who would like and live close enough.
These directions are assuming you are familiar with the flat even count peyote stitch.
When I do these bracelets, I start off by gathering the beads I want in the colors (at least 3) I am going to use. I pull out size 11, 8 and 6 seed beads, pearls, gemstones, Swarvoski crystals, etc…
If you want a focal piece in the middle, I usually use artisan created lampwork. You can see some of my favorites on my links page.
For the first several rows you may want to use the same size bead for your first couple of bracelets.
Figure out how long you want the bracelet and don’t forget to consider the type of clasp you are going to use.
String an even # of seed beads (I usually begin with size 8). You will want to string your focal on this row if you are using one. Make sure to vary the colors. I would begin with stringing 6 brown, 10cream, 4 blue, 14 brown…you get the idea. Work 3 rows of flat even count peyote stitch with every row going through the focal and stagger the colors so there is not a distinct line.
At this point you are off and running! Now you get to just play. Begin adding larger and smaller beads in any design you like. It is free-form after all! You can make it solid or make bridges, twists or anything else you like.
I will be adding some photos tomorrow as I work one up to help clarify things a bit for those of you who may be beginners.

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