Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peace Through Pampering

Most of us try hard to pay attention to what goes into our bodies, especially with the increase of genetically modified and engineered foods and cloned meats coming slamming the market.
We have long known that pesticides and herbicides collect in our bodies making us suffer innumerable illnesses and diseases. We don’t want to feed these things to our families, we know that ingesting harmful chemicals is bad for us. We scrutinize labels attempting to sound out the ingredients so we can at least pronounce them although most of us don’t know what they are, never mind the effects they are having on us. We do all this for what goes into our bodies, sometimes forgetting that what we put on our bodies is equally important.
How much attention do we pay to our bath products? The soaps and lotions, salves and ointments we put on our skin can contain harmful ingredients, which then pass through the skin into our bloodstream.
I have come across a new line of products created by a North Carolina mom that you will want to try. I had actually received some as a gift and wanted more.
Here is what Barbara says about her journey:
"As a mother of 3 I have learned that life is full of movement, noise, homework, chores, cooking, dishes, laundry and a general hectic pace. I can't count how many times I've heard a mom say "If only I had one more hour to a day!" Bathtime, grooming time, my ME time has become critical to my mental well being. After trying hard to feed us all a balanced diet with natural ingredients, I started to read the ingredients on our bath products. Lots of cetyl alcohol, polymers, disodium EDTA and other unpronounceable ingredients. Skin is the largest organ on the body; it readily absorbs what's on it into our bloodstream. So began what my husband refers to as my 'mad scientist' mode; blending and creating natural products that benefit our bodies. After rave reviews and encouragement from family and friends, I am hoping to help others achieve "Peace Through Pampering".
What she leaves out is that she has been painstakingly researching every detail for 3 years now. Even the delightful packaging was thoughtfully considered in order to give her family and now the rest of us an all natural, aromatically pleasing peaceful alternative to commercially prepared, chemically saturated bath products on the market.
Her shop will be opening this week so make it a point to stop by and see what she has to offer. A couple of things you won’t want to be without this winter are the lip balm and sugar scrubs…delightful!
Peace Through Pampering is a name you’ll want to remember and after you try her products it is one you won’t forget!

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