Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stunning Glassware

Gorgeous Glassware
While tripping around Etsy looking for gift ideas, I spotted these amazing glasses! They would be perfect for a winter wedding or New Years Eve. So then I began looking around this shop and here are some of the things I found.
Here is the Bio from the shop:
Thank you for taking an interest in our Daydreem Designs. "This shop is created by Michael and Aimee.Many people would say that Michael has dreamt of being considered an artist all his life. With the love and support from family and his fiance' Aimee, this dream has become reality. Basically self taught in all areas of his work. Pens and pencils is where everything started, then came airbrushing and murals. Portraits, glass engraving, and wood carving soon followed. Extreme satisfaction from creating works of art for other people is the only gratification needed. Custom Orders are always welcome and keep us very busy. Absolutely everything is and always will be created by hand."
The glassware is absolutely astounding and so well crafted you won’t want to part with them although they would make magnificent gifts. I have asked my Santa for something from this shop!

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