Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fabulous Crochet and Knit Handbag Patterns

Get your Knitting Needles and Hooks ready!
To my husband and children I am known as the Bag Lady. Every week or so I cruise the Internet trying to find a fabulous bag to admire. I look around a lot and often find myself back on Etsy.
This week I was looking for knitted bag patterns and came across these. What wonderful bags for everyday and she has them in knit and crochet versions!

Whip them up in white, gray or black for a more formal version then embellish to your heart’s content.

Jo, the owner of Little Projects on Etsy has more delightful patterns for bags, hats, shawls and and scarves...go check her out!

I have purchased the knit version and will be back to let you know the experience level later today!

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