Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A New Adventure

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Here I go on the next adventure. You won’t see too many new designs coming up on here for a while as this starving artist has taken a full time job for a paycheck! While I will miss the time in my studio, it will certainly be a relief to pay the bills. There is a lot that goes into this business, more than most would think.

First, and one of the pieces I love the most is coming up with the designs. After that it is off to Cyberspace to research and purchase the materials. While I am waiting for those to come I usually have both sides of my table full with the designs I am currently making, that is the part I really love! Of course there is marketing, blogging, paperwork, taking photos, writing descriptions, listing, website upkeep on 3 sites, and inventory management. I need to keep up on packaging supplies, office supplies and tax paperwork. There is time and money spent on learning and developing new techniques. What this amounts to a lot of non-billable hours consuming my days and most nights.

Remember all this folks as you look at artisan created work wherever you find it! There is a lot that goes into each piece you buy. We are not manufacturing plants with assembly lines. We lovingly and at times painstakingly create one piece at a time hoping someone will love it as much as we do.

I am thinking that if I work a full time job and do this on the side my output will be less but I won’t be worried about eating and I can still dabble in what I truly love to do.

Wish me well and I will see you all soon!

Be sure and check out the next 2 issues of Bead and Button magazine where you will find my work!

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