Friday, September 2, 2011

Pele Goddess of Fire

Although I am selling this pattern on my website I thought I would let you know how I attached the cabochon on this piece as I did not do it as I normally would have. Usually I would attach the cabochon to a piece of suede cloth and bead around it then attach it to the piece. This time I completed the bracelet piece, then used E6000 adhesive to attach the cab to the bracelet, clamped it and left it for several hours. After that I worked a bead embroidery technique to go around the face and then worked circular peyote stitch from the base.
I attached my Fireline securely and picked up 4 beads keeping with the color on the base. I went through he bracelet, through a couple of beads then back up and through the last 2 beads, added 4 more bead and repeated. I continued this around then worked the circular peyote. It is a basic bead embroidery stitch so if you are unfamiliar with it do a search for “bead embroidery tutorials”, there are hundreds out there free!

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