Friday, April 24, 2009

Addict? Me?

People keep saying to me that I should not take any work on vacation! What on earth could they be thinking? My work is my passion. I often spend all day in my studio, knit and crochet while hubby is home in the evenings and then back up to my studio after I tuck him in.
Most of my ideas come to me as I am drifting off to sleep so I have to get up, make some notes, perhaps gather some materials together to recall that creation that surfaced in that half conscious state when the vision appeared.
I love to do things outside the "norm" although I am happy as an artist to see that the line between normal and not is getting grayer by the day.
I think the most boring commissioned pieces I have had are plain, simple just strung requests. I like to be challenged. Can you draw it, explain it in detail? If so, I would love to attempt it! The most wonderful requests I have had have been from the local jewelry store. She will call me and say "I need something with Carnelian and Pearls". We have been working together long enough that she trusts me. She also knows if she does not like it I will sell it elsewhere and start over although that has not happened yet I am happy to say. I get to play and let the creative energy go wild. I love that!
The option of NOT taking work with me just terrifies me. I have a bag in the car with knitting always, always. I have a light in the car so I can knit while hubby drives at night. Ok, so perhaps I am an addict. I am however, a very happy one. How many of us are fortunate enough to be able to be so fervently dedicated to a profession they cherish? Every day I am surrounded by beautiful colors, luxurious fibers, ravishing gems, lustrous pearls and have a studio right upstairs.
So, what WILL I take on vacation…so many options!

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