Saturday, April 4, 2009

Want to keep the sun out of your eyes but find it too hot to wear a hat? Do you want a little something to keep your beak and that sensitive area on the tops of your ears from burning while you lounge by the pool? I have designed just the thing!
Made of 100% cotton this is cool, comfy and it is adjustable with a 2 button (fun and color coordinated) closure in the back. Best of all you can toss it right in the wash. You can pitch it in your bag or wear it around your neck so you have it with you when you need it. Perfect for all those fun, summer activities like camping, hiking, fishing, gardening or just doing nothing at all.
OK folks, sales have hit bottom and I can’t make much in the way of donations these days. In order to try to increase those I have designed a summer 100% Cotton Visor in 2 styles seen above to which I will add your choice of "ribbon". A list of ribbon colors and their corresponding awareness campaign can be found below and was taken from I have posted the white visor with the pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness. I will also be making different ones periodically. If there is a certain color visor you want, please contact me at and I will do my best to accommodate you.
All Visor sales regardless of if they have a ribbon on them will be subject to the donation.
The donation will be 10% of the sale to the charity and will be made quarterly.
Yellow Awareness Ribbons continue to be associated with American Armed Forces and gain poignancy as lives continue to be lost in the Middle East. The same color is associated with Suicide Prevention. Yellow Ribbons also symbolize Hope, a common link among all humanitarian causes; an arrow accompanying a Yellow Ribbon means "Hope Ahead."

A Gold Awareness Ribbon symbolizes childhood cancer, and orange is the color for Leukemia.

Pink Ribbons are universally connected to Breast Cancer issues. Efforts by legions of volunteers affected by breast cancer have increased research funding and promoted routine self-examinations and mammograms for early detection. Pink also signifies Birth Parents for adoption related organizations.

Black Ribbons still represent Mourning and have also been adopted to increase awareness for Melanoma and Gang Violence.

Blue Ribbons promote awareness about Colon Cancer and Child Abuse Prevention. Pinstriped Blue Ribbons have been adopted by organizations involved with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Colon Cancer and Scleroderma are signified by Light Blue Ribbons.

Purple and Silver are the most prevalent Awareness Ribbon colors. These colors represent so many causes; you may need to ask the ribbon wearer which one they're signifying. Go ahead…ask. They'll enjoy educating you about something close to their heart.

Purple Ribbons have been employed by organizations supporting Pancreatic Cancer, Alzheimer's, Lupus, and Youth Courage. Purple also denotes issues related to Domestic Violence.

Silver Ribbons demonstrate support for Multiple Sclerosis, Children with Diabetes, Brain Disorders, Amalgam and Anti-Stigma.Green Ribbons spread awareness about Environmental Concerns, Organ Donation, Missing Children, and Safe Driving.

White Lace Ribbons stand for Osteoporosis; solid White Ribbons represent Victims of Terrorism. Teal Ribbons are linked to Ovarian Cancer.

Red Awareness Ribbons will forever stand for AIDS related causes and MADD continues to spread their message with red ribbons on automobile antennas; Substance Abuse has also become associated with ribbons of red.

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