Monday, April 20, 2009

Micro Macrame

Well folks, here I go again in pursuit of another lesson. A friend of mine had a book on micro macramé and it looked really interesting to me. My mind went away with all the design possibilities. It will be my new venture to incorporate some of that old 70’s style stuff with my designs. Understand that this is not done with the Jute we used back in the day. It is done with thread or very fine cord and beads…even gems! Yea! Sounds like it will be right up my alley. I have ordered the instructions and that should be in for me to pick up in a couple of days.
I am still working on the vases; in fact I have a beautiful black, silver and white one in the works now. It is smaller than the first one I did for 2 reasons. First to make it more affordable and second don’t you know those things take a long time?
I am also still doing the crochet bracelets, the woven gemstone work and free-form peyote so if there is something you would like, please ask.
I will be going on vacation soon and am trying to get my ducks in a row, learn new techniques to keep things interesting and figure out what I want to take with me for some possible new accounts.
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