Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carousal Series, a banquet for your wrist
I have a new design to show you and one in the works. This was inspired by Stephanie Sersich from her book ‘ Designing Jewelry with Glass Beads’ although I have made a few changes in that I use different stringing material and I use a lot of gemstone rather than making it all lampwork. I am calling it the Carousal Series. I am working on some fulled beads and discs for a fiber version. I hope you will come by and check it out in a few days.
The beads I make with the wool are fulled by hand and they take a few days to dry completely so I am hold with those but in the meantime I ham having a lot of fun making the gemstone variety.
I have spent this spring learning some new techniques and mixing up with my old ones and am having lots of fun doing it. I like using all the leaves and flowers, it reminds me of a beautiful English garden
As always if you see a design and would prefer it in a different color, just ask!

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