Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Monthly Winner and Other Ramblings

A bouquet for your wrist and a smile for your heart…
I had a wonderful compliment on one of these new bracelets from a customer. She said, " It makes me smile every time I look at it"...that is what I call a success!
I am absolutely convinced that once these bracelets really hit the streets, I won’t be able to keep up making them. That wouldn’t bother me a bit as I have so much fun creating them! In order to really get them out there, I have decided to run a short term 30% off sale on them. And because it is a pain to separate them I have all the bracelets at the same discount, lucky you. Enjoy!
The winner for this month’s free drawing is Tonya! Congratulations Tonya! I hope you enjoy the gift I am sending you.
I am beginning to get orders already for the winter hats! I had a lady contact me with an order for 3 of them and here we are in May…well, nearly June but you get the point. I am also talking with some local boutiques and the local jewelry store has taken them as well as the felted clutches. The gallery who featured me last month has decided to buy outright rather than consign which is so much easier for me. She sold many of the ones she had and is buying the rest as well as more on the website. That says a lot as far as confidence goes. I think at this point I will forgo consignment, I am just too busy!
The summer hats did not go so well so I am donating them all at the end of the month. I hate to see them without a head in them, they are so cute!
I hope you are all enjoying the Spring, I am looking forward to Summer as it is still a bit chilly here in Waterville, Maine!

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