Thursday, May 21, 2009

Metal Sensitivity

Do you or someone you know have sensitive skin? Does even the finest gold or silver turn your skin colors? Does your sensitivity only apply to plated metals? Are you fearful of the metals containing lead and seeping into your skin? Lots of people have allergies or sensitivities to metals and have trouble wearing jewelry they love but there is an answer! You can wear the latest styles and be free from rashes, itching, fear and more.
Check out all the wonderful macramé jewelry. Now, before you shutter from visions of giant owls with huge jeweled eyes staring down at you, listen up! What I am talking about is micro-macramé. Same knots, to be certain…those are eternal but wait until you see what’s being done with them. Rather than using large ropes and thick cords there are many of us designing jewelry using thread and small cord such as Irish linen. The possibilities are nearly limitless. I have even done some with pearls and other gemstones. In fact, most of my micro-macramé pieces do contain genuine gems! How exciting is that?
Take a look at this photo…fun isn’t it? This just gives you an idea what can be done. Of course, smaller scale can be done as well if you prefer the more classic look. The point is that many of us are designing jewelry with those of you in mind who cannot wear all the beautiful trinkets that fill the jewelry store shelves.
Check out your local jewelry store. Many of them have realized the desire for handmade, local jewelry over the imported stuff that fills the malls. My local jeweler took a chance on me a few years ago and she has been very pleased, not to mention successful. There were several months last year that the only sales made were my designs! She has half the store filled with local designers, the other half remains the typical, everybody has one items. You can guess which side does better.
You can also shop online for artisan created jewelry. The choices are infinite. Happy shopping!!

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