Monday, July 20, 2009

Hand Beaded Flapper Hat

Although this went pretty slow I think this is going to be my new feature hat this year. I am hoping to get faster at the beaded flowers because as it is now it took me an entire day to get this one done.
I crocheted the hat in my usual style this time around but I think I am going to try a felted design cloche style. I am also thinking about making the flowers a bit larger, more dramatic although I so the like the subtle style this one has. Not too much but striking all the same.
I am getting ahead of myself. This hat was hand crocheted using a lambswool blend and acrylic. I made the beaded flowers and leaves using high quality seed beads, each petal done individually then assembled. I sewed the arrangement onto a piece of felt then sewed that to the hat to give it more stability. More information and photos are available at

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