Friday, July 3, 2009

Bead Crochet Instructions

The sale is going very well at Divella Delights and the crochet bracelets are selling fast, thanks to all my wonderful customers. Because I still have some beads left and the gemstone style sells quite well I will be working some of those up until my stash is depleted.
If you know how to do bead crochet and you are interested in making them yourself I am going to tell you how! If you don't want to go through making these yourself, I have a number of these available on my site right now at very good prices. I will also be happy to make you one in your color choice while my bead supplies last.
The first thing you need to do is make the rope leaving long ends, about 12 inches. There are a number of good sites explaining this technique; I have provided a link to those below. Once you figure out how long you need the bracelet to be you need to figure out how much you want in the center and collect gemstones, seed beads (#6, #11 and #15), pearls and the like. Remember the bracelet has to roll over the hand so you want to measure the hand at the widest point with the thumb folded in towards the palm.
So you have your crochet rope. String your first end cap, your #6 seed beads and your other end cap. Fasten that securely by taking it through the center of the rope, knot, glue and then weave it through a couple of times and repeat. As you pull the string through the knot will go into the rope and not show. Finally, weave it through again, do not knot, glue, give it a pull and cut. The string will disappear into the rope.
At this point you are ready to do the center and you should have something that looks like this
Take a beading needle and Nymo thread that has been conditioned with beeswax. Enter at one end leaving enough of a tail to tie off later, about 3 inches being careful not to go through your crochet string. You are now between the first and second bead. Add a gem or pearl and a size 15 bead and push it down to the bracelet. Take your needle and go through the gem and the next #6 bead, repeat to end, turn and repeat back to beginning end. Tie the ends together but do not cut! Repeat this until you have the desired fullness then tie off, add a dab of Hypo cement, let dry and wear! Here is a picture of the bracelet above finished.

Good source for end caps:
Crochet Rope Tutorial (Free):;products_id=814

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