Monday, September 21, 2009

Swarovski Bead Crochet

These bracelets are a hit! I am having very good luck with these bead crochet bracelets both on line and wholesale to the local jewelers. I have discovered that the usual way of joining these (1 bead weave) does not work as well for these. It is best if you take the first 3 beads on the same side and then go through the Swarovski pick up 3 beads on the other side, take it back through the Swarovski and through the center and repeat with the other strand. then pull snug but not too tight knot, glue weave it through a few more times and glue again before snipping off the ends. This seems to work much better making a nicer, smoother join. I have not tried this new technique on the "invisible" join like this one but I plan to give it a try if I make any more of these.

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