Friday, June 14, 2013

Watercolors for the Soul

Have you ever seen a painting that just reaches into the very depths of your soul?  I have grown up with a very artistic family. My mom is a watercolor artist, and Calligrapher while my sister is an Encaustic artist at present. She also dabbles in pottery, acrylic and watercolor. The boys expressed their creativity with landscaping. My uncle carved rocks into lovely creatures, and my dad made a even a day sailing adventure a meditation for the heart. While is used to paint Sumi-e, my passion and expression has drifted over to creating jewelry. You can see my designs at Divella Delights
 I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of works by my family, and I have been to many galleries over the years. I check into family sites every now and then and today I came across this painting that spoke to me in a language that I don't hear often. There are no words in this language, it just reaches in and caresses a part of you, the most tender, sensitive part of your soul and speaks a message that you can only hear at these depths.

Be kind to yourself today an enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you.
Penelope Culbertson

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