Monday, June 1, 2009

Watchbands, Cell Phones and Puppies

We have a very cute ½ Lab, ½ Pit puppy who has decided that my husband’s watchband and cell phone are really yummy. While I cannot do anything about the cell phone, I was thinking that I might be able to make a watchband.
I started learning micro-macramé about a month ago so I got out some Omega nylon cord (colorfast) and went to work. I decided to do it in black as the watch face is black and it is after all, for a man. Learn along with me or just pop in for a good laugh!
I don’t have much of the watchband done yet but here is my beginning.
I cut 12-56 inch strands of the Omega, as the watch is quite large. I fastened it on the watch using larks head knots. I added one size 4 cube to the center 2 strands then worked left and right side diagonal double half hitch knots. Before you ask I have no idea why it is not just a hitch knot rather than a double half…hmm. I am adding a #8 black matte seed bead in the center every other row of those diagonal double half hitch knots. I would like to put something more colorful in there but I will play with the next one. I have a couple of rescued watch faces for women. I need to keep this one simple as I am just learning.
So far so good. Now I have to fix supper for the poor watchless, phoneless man.

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