Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Games and Sales

We are going to play a new game at Divella Delights. Every day there will be a featured item. You’ll know it only because the title will be in red. That one item will be marked at half price! They will change at random and could be in any category and here is the kicker…it could be something already marked down! For example if it is one of the crocheted bracelets that are already 60% off (while they last) at $13.20 you could get it for as low as $6.60! A $32.00 crocheted bracelet for $6.60! And many sell their crocheted bracelets for more than my original price!
If you have not read my previous blog, all crocheted bracelets are 60% off while they last as I am not going to be making them any more.
Does it get any better? Stop by http://www.divelladelights.com/ and check out my new designs, sales and say "Hi" in the guestbook. While you are there you will want to sign up on the e-mail list because every month I draw a name and send a mystery item from my shop to that person!

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