Sunday, March 20, 2011

Classes, Sale and New Items

I have very exciting news! Divella Delights is moving to Vermont! We are very excited but as I look around at everything there is to pack I am feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I have decided to put nearly everything in the shop at 50% off. Hats, Bags and Jewelry!

Please help me out and pass this on to anyone you can think of who might be interested in getting some really good deals. This is a great chance to get some beautiful designer jewelry at the same prices my wholesale accounts have.

We have Easter right around the corner and Mother’s Day coming up soon too! If you are really the organize type you can shop for Christmas early too!

I have some great new pieces and a new section in the shop for the Ravishingly Robust woman.

I will be very busy for the next few months getting the house ready to sell, packing, donating, etc…so the next time I talk to you will be from Vermont a few months (and miles) down the road!

Take good care

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