Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dog Loving Bag Lady

My kids and husband call me the bag lady. I have bags in closets all over the house. I have leather bags, canvas bags, and wool bags; crochet bags, knit bags…You get the idea.
I also have 2 dogs; both rescue who are my constant companions.
I was on Etsy recently doing a search for yet another bag when I came across the Shop ‘Bee By The Sea, LTD’ Not only does she have bags, beautiful bags, she also has a line entitled ‘Pet Couture’. This includes charming fashions for your canine pal (just look at Charlie in his Sunday Coat!) she also creates high fashion collars, leashes and beds.

There’s more! For Charlie’s human friends Bee makes not only bags but also cozy blankets. These are wrap yourself in delight, and cozy up with your Hot Cocoa and good book blankets. Ah, what a great way to spend a cold Maine winter’s afternoon! For Charlie too, he has his own Bumble Bedzzz.

Now it is time to cozy down…

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