Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cure for Dry Skin Woes

Peace through Pampering does it again!

For 3 months I have had this patch of skin on my leg that was so dry it actually bled and formed scars. Wearing jeans has been painful. I tried creams, lotions, and salves; medicated, non-medicated. You name it I probably tried it. And yes, I had upped my water intake as well.

I contacted Barbara at Peace through Pampering where I got that wonderful lip balm hoping she might have some suggestions. She sent me some lotion that she had whipped up for her husband as he has a skin condition with very dry skin.

I cannot believe that after only 3 days of using this creamy lotion, once in the morning after my shower, I am seeing massive improvement. The cracks and flakes are gone and the skin tone is even improving! It feels so much better I am stunned quite frankly. I can wear my jeans without them causing pain to my leg. It has the perfect consistency, more like a face cream density and a light fresh scent. I am hoping she comes out with a lemongrass scent, I’ll keep you posted!

At this point she uses no preservative but because of the nature of lotion if it is not used up it will turn so she is seeking a natural, healthy stabilizer. The containers are large, like her sugar scrubs and a little goes a long way but even so I don’t think it will last long around here!

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