Saturday, March 5, 2011

How to put a Bead Cap/Cone on your Bead Crochet

Every week I check my report page to see what keywords and phrases people are using to search. This week I came across one that was asking how to attach bead caps and bead cones to a crochet bracelet.
This is how I do it.
First I hide both my tails in my work with a large blunt needle. I use the blunts because they don’t catch the threads.
I then cut a 4" piece of wire…silver, cold, copper; whatever the color of the bead cap/cone is. Now, if I am using a cone I put the wire through the rope under the 2 row of beads until there is about 1 inch on the other side.
I bend the wire so the short and long ends of the wire are parallel. Then wrap you’re the short wire around the larger one. Slide on your cone and wrap.

Using a bead cap you would do it the same way except you would not put the wire through the rope. Instead you would pick of the center threads in the bead crochet.
I have lots more hints, tips, tricks and even tutorials on my website at Divella Delights

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